Relax - Do something good for your body and mind

Have you had plenty of fresh air, conquered mountains, skied pistes and pedalled hard? Then you’ve more than earned some time to rest and relax. Regenerate in our Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath, infrared cabin, relaxation room and our garden.

Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath and infrared cabin

Did you enjoy your last walk but still feel it in your muscles? Do you still feel cold after your day skiing? Do you want to give yourself a real treat? A Finnish sauna, aromatic steam bath or infrared cabin are waiting for you! Whether you prefer a hot sauna “hiss” or feel better in more moderate temperatures, it’s up to you.

Relaxation room – little moments with a big impact

Quiet moments are rare. So it’s all the more important that we deliberately take time out and press our inner pause button. We have recently renovated our relaxation room. After a sauna or steam bath, there’s nothing better than letting the heat continue to have an effect. Make yourself comfortable on our loungers and do absolutely nothing for once!

Garden – relax in nature

You can also use the spacious garden around the Maximilian - allgäu pur appartements to recharge your batteries. Find a seat and read a book in peace and quiet. Catch some sun, observe the clouds and enjoy the countryside.

Some of our apartments even give you direct access to the garden.